About BZFilm

BZFilm, in many ways, is just another website devoted to movies. That is, until you dig a little deeper. In case you’re wondering – “BZ” goes for anything film related that follows the so-called “A-list” category of films, mainstream cinema in other words.

As for the “man behind the curtain”, my name is Tim, and I run this website, along with my limited staff. I happen to have this weird taste for movies that no one around me seems to understand, yet I can give them credit – they try to bear with me the best they can.

As an avid movie fanatic, I believe in several things, and one of such things became the slogan for the website – “There’s always something good in every bad movie”.

Most of people that I know personally are all mainstream – things like “90s kickboxing films”, “cheesy horror movies”, “80s Philippino-Italian action movies” and “Olen Ray-Winorsky softcore” are unknown to them. I sometimes try to fill this void with this website.

I honestly believe that cinema possesses great power that stands the test of time. Cinema is one of mankind’s greatest achievements, and I hope it never ceases to amaze the forthcoming generations.

English is not my native language as you’ve probably guessed already, yet I love writing in English – feels a lot different especially when writing about cinema. I do not represent any official structure or organization, except for myself – all opinions published on this website belong to me, unless stated otherwise.

Feel free to look around the website, there are reviews to read, articles to check, various movie ideas to comment on, some quizzes to take, and photo galleries to stare at.

If you would like to contribute an article that fits into the website, please feel free to contact me.

Make sure to check out the “F.A.Q.” section for questions. If you would like to talk some advertising, check out website’s advertising rates, and advertising policy.


Thank you, and enjoy your stay.

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