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“Villains of the Silver Screen” – 5th release: Chuck Sommers

I love bad guys, I love villains. They are the core of each film, even the bad one. Villains make good guys look good, and even beyond that. Great villains are memorable.

So, please welcome our next release of the “Villains of the Silver Screen”.

Here we will discuss and talk about various movie villains, but will try to stay within our website’s standards. In this release, we have one mean villain, who is seemingly unstoppable – Chuck Sommers.

FILM: Night Stalker (1987)

SCREEN NAME: Chuck Sommers (the Night Stalker)

PLAYED BY: Robert Z’Dar

PART: Main villain (title character)

TYPE: Ex soldier, satanic serial killer, physically strong, seemingly undefeatable.

CRIMES: Walks around murdering prostitutes and anyone else who comes close to him.



Chuck Sommers is a huge mid 30’s guy, former soldier. Apparently he’s into this voodoo stuff, as he believes the more he kills, the more energy from his dead victims he can absorb. He mostly kills women, hookers to be exact. He’s a serial killer that cops cannot catch. He’s the one that police Sergeant Striker (Charles Napier, r.i.p.) will have to go after. Sommers possesses tremendous physical power, he simply breaks his victims’ necks with his bare hands, and the bullets don’t seem to get him as well.

Robert Z’dar did a fantastic job as Sommers (although the character does not get a lot of screen time), and thanks to this role he got the part in the cult-favorite “Maniac Cop” trilogy. In the end of the film, Sommers seems to be alive, which left some room for a sequel, however I believe this opportunity was missed, and now its just too late.

POSSIBILITIES: Since the Chuck Sommers character was loosely based on a real-life serial killer Richard Ramirez (also named the Night Stalker), the character which Z’Dar played in the film doesn’t have a lot of common with the real life killer, except for the fact that he also paints his victims’ bodies with paint (as part of his ritual, if I recall right). The character of Sommers was interesting, however since he was “glued” too much to Ramirez, there isnt much room for expanding his character (not that anyone would do that today).

Who could play Night Stalker?: Do you really think anyone could substitute “the man with the iron jaw”, Robert Z’Dar himself? If there’s ever another movie released on “Night Stalker”, I think the creators will stick to the real life story of Richard Ramirez, instead of going after the 1987 movie, which in my opinion, stands on its own. One of my favorites, by the way. Both Z’Dar and Napier rocked in it.

Stay tuned for another release of “Villains of the Silver Screen”. If you have some villain that we could discuss, feel free to let us know!

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