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“Villains of the Silver Screen” – 3rd release: Chong

I love bad guys, I love villains. They are the core of each film, even the bad one. Villains make good guys look good, and even beyond that.

Great villains are memorable. So, please welcome our second release of the “Villains of the Silver Screen”.

Here we will discuss and talk about various movie villains, but will try to stay within our website’s standards.

In this release, we have another villain, that is well known to the fans of martial arts cinema – Chong.
bolo yeung tiger clawsFILM: Tiger Claws (1992) & Tiger Claws 2 (1997)

SCREEN NAME: Chong (aka the Tiger Claws killer)

PLAYED BY: Bolo Yeung

PART: Main villain

TYPE: Psycho martial artist with a “tiger claw” style of fighting

CRIMES: Hunts down other martial arts masters and kills them in a fight, leaving three “claws” on their bodies.


Bolo Yeung (check out his photo gallery here) can be the worst actor in the world, but he will always have his fans, and I am one of them. He portrayed mostly villains in his films, and among his most famous three (“Enter the Dragon”, “Bloodsport” and “Tiger Claws”) I prefer the Chong character from “Tiger Claws” for a couple of reasons. Chong might not have as much screen time as “Chong Li” did in “Bloodsport”, but his character is more interesting, and he has a couple of interesting fights (in one of them he destroys Cynthia Rothrock).

Again, due to his villainous character, he loses to the hero (Jalal Merhi), but still manages to grab your attention. I wouldn’t want this guy to be after me If i was a martial arts master. In “Tiger Claws 2” Chong is more calm, and doesn’t do any killings, so he’s somewhat in-between of protagonist and antagonist. Needless to say I liked him in the first movie a lot more.

POSSIBILITIES: The Tiger Claw killer is a specific character, however I don’t know if anyone would really want to remake “Tiger Claws”, although it could be interesting.

In fact, why not make a “Tiger Claws 4: Chong’s revenge” or something like that with the original cast (Jalal Merhi, Cynthia Rothrock, Bolo Yeung)? It wouldn’t have cost much, and the fans would have loved it (i know i would!).

How could play Chong: Pretty much anyone who knows martial arts, and if there’s ever a remake, I am sure they would make a different “Tiger Claw killer”, from the one Yeung played back in 1992.

Stay tuned for another release of “Villains of the Silver Screen”. If you have some villain that we could discuss, feel free to let us know!

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