Articles & Notes — September 4, 2012 at 9:15 am

3-episode action thriller shot in Azerbaijan

An action thriller titled “Infection”, consisting of 3 episodes has been shot in Azerbaijan, according to local media outlets.

Shot by Azerbaijani directors Jeyhun Ibrahimoglu and Vugar Islamzadeh, the film tells a story of a war veteran who is forced to get back into the action, in order to deliver justice.

According to the plot, the hero’s daughter is kidnapped by a criminal gang, which triggers him to take action, and save his daughter.

The film stars Rovshan Veliyev, Ilgar Ismayilov, Azer Aydemir and Ulkar Hasanova.

“Infection” will reportedly be shown soon at one of the local TV-channels. It is safe to assume that the film has been shot especially for TV, as the 30 minute short film is divided into three 10-minute episodes.

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