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30 years later, a sequel to Azerbaijani movie is being made

Well, the first film – “Don’t be afraid, I am with you” was made around 1981 in Azerbaijan.

Personally, I haven’t seen the film, however I asked around just to know what was the story of the original film.

At first, I thought its some comedy (that was a popular genre in the former Soviet Union, as Azerbaijan was a part of it back then), but it turned out, it was a total B-movie!

Briefly, this is what I’ve been told on the original: “2 circus performers end up in some village, where they meet old enemies, who wouldn’t want anything more than another chance for revenge. Later, these two clowns try to save some young kid, who is madly in love with rich local’s daughter.

The  “clowns” also get thrown into prison, and it so happens that one of them knows martial arts (at that time, according to the script, it was supposed to be karate, but government officials didn’t like the idea, so instead it was presented as some “national style of fighting”), and he teaches it to the other inmates. It all ends up like this: The inmates, led by these clowns escape the prison, to go on and save the kid, his girl ,and fight against police and the mercenaries that were hired to clean up all the mess.”

Ridiculous, to say the least. Well, what else to expect – this was shot as a “musical comedy”. Could you, for example, imagine a horde of martial arts inmates escaping prison, just to save some poor kid and a young couple?

I don’t know, since this sequel will probably not be a “musical comedy” as the original was, so some viewers might get a kick out of the film, which will star Polad Bul-Bul oglu (played the poor kid in the original, currently is Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Russia), Eldar Gasymov (supposedly will have a minor part), and Azerbaijani karate champion Raphael Aghayev (I believe he’d be one of the inmates).

Anyway, as of now, the sequel to the movie is being shot, and below are some pictures shot during the production. The story supposedly takes place 30 years later after the original.

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