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4 reasons to never watch Swamp Freak (2017)

Horror fans could stumble on “Swamp Freak” somewhere and instantly seeing the title and also the name “Felissa Rose”, imagine this would be a cool little slasher, right? Wrong.

“Swamp Freak” is everything you wouldn’t expect from this type of film, and below are 4 reasons why:


The film’s length is listed at 75 min. A lot of you will end up fast-fowarding through the entire film, as nothing is going on. Proper editing could’ve saved this film some 20-25 minutes. It could’ve been better.

An independent slasher film with a title like “Swamp Freak” would make you believe there are some “goodies” to explore – some nudity or gore. Well, this film doesn’t have any of that. None. No boobs, no blood, nothing.

On the cover of “Swamp Freak” you see the names of Helene Udy, Felissa Rose and Lesleh Donaldson. Naturally, you’d expect to see them at least in cameos. “Swamp Freak” doesn’t even give you that – all three names “appear” in the film in the form of voices recorded on the phone. Not cool.

This film is just bad on every possible level. All actors in the film are awful, the entire movie is full of pointless footage of woods, swamp, it is not even “so bad its good”. “Swamp Freak” looks like the lamest monster ever.

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