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4 reasons not to watch Steven Seagal’s “Sniper: Special Ops” movie


Steven Seagal has held his ground in the DTV world for many years, and even his fans have already accepted the quality of movies he’s been making.

Throughout his movie career, Seagal has mostly played CIA agents, FBI agents, cops, army men, government spies or special agents.

In his “Sniper: Special Ops” (2016) action film, Seagal plays the title character, a sniper, sent on a rescue mission to a remote Afghan village. And this film is below average even for Steven Seagal’s standards.

Here are 4 reasons not to watch this film:


Believe it or not, Steven Seagal doesn’t fight in this film. He never engages in any confrontations – except for shooting down terrorists from safe distance, with his sniper rifle. No fights at all. Nothing.

While the film is presented as another “Steven Seagal Movie”, this is hardly a Steven Seagal movie. The top-billed Seagal is hardly 20 minutes in the entire film.

Aside from being basically cut out from the big portion of the film, Seagal doesn’t even speak that much – a few lines here and there, and as always not much of emotions either. This could be explained that his character is a sniper on an important mission.

Seagal has been playing tough guys his entire career, but in “Sniper:Special Ops” he ends up behind enemy lines, and his team returns to save him. But since Seagal is “in the lead” anyway, so the story miraculously switches to Seagal ending up saving the team that came to save him. How cool is that?

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