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5 famous zombies from horror movies

zombies in moviesSome people like horror movies, others prefer specifically “zombie horror movies”.

There were some great zombie movies made, most of which started appearing after 1968, when George A. Romero paved the way with his groundbreaking “Night of the Living Dead”.

While most horror fans would mostly remember the films themselves, sometimes the “zombie characters” are overlooked, so below are the five most vivid and memorable “zombie characters” from the horror movies of different times.

And no, Michael Jackson’s “zombie” from Thriller music video is not included here. If you think we’ve missed someone, let us know in the comments below the article.

s william hinzmann night of the living deadCemetery Zombie (S. William Hinzmann, 1968)

We will start off with George A. Romero’s classic “”Night of the Living Dead”, where a simple story tells about a group of people that are forced to hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse.

Hinzmann plays the “Cemetery zombie”, the first zombie that attacks Barbara at the cemetery.

“Night of the Living Dead” was Hinzmann’s first film, and he has been in a total of 15 movies from 1968 to 2012.In 1988 Hinzmann directed a zombie movie called “FleshEater”, where he played the title character.

Hinzmann’s “Cemetery Zombie” character brought him fame, and a stereotype as well – among those 15 films, Hinzmann played a zombie in 6 of them. He passed away at the age of 75 in 2012.

worm-eyed zombieWorm-eyed Zombie (Ottaviano Dell’Acqua, 1979)

Italian stuntman and actor Ottaviano Dell’Acqua has been in movies ever since the late 60s, mostly getting bit parts in Italian movie productions. Yet sometimes even a bit part can make you famous. That’s exactly what happened, when Dell’Acqua played the “Worm-eyed Zombie” in Lucio Fulci’s classic zombie gore-fest “Zombi” aka “Zombie FleshEaters” in 1979.

Dell’Acqua plays a “Worm-eyed Zombie” that rises from the sand on the cursed Island’s beach, slowly, and attacks one of the leading characters. In total, the Italian stuntman has only 3-4 minutes of screen time, yet after the film was completed, hours of being under heavy make-up paid off – the “Worm-eyed Zombie” was put on the cover!

Dell’Acqua still continues to make movies (sometimes under another name – Richard Raymond), and his biggest part was in a horror movie “Rats” (1984) by Bruno Mattei, where he played the leading character. On the picture here, Dell’Acqua poses with a poster of “Zombi” with himself on the cover (2011).

sherman howard bubBub (Sherman Howard, 1985)

IMDB says George A. Romero called Sherman Howard “one of the best zombie actors”. Since Romero does know a thing or two about zombies, what does that make Howard? A memorable zombie actor, that is for sure!

In Romero’s 1985 zombie film “Day of the Dead”, Sherman Howard (under heavy Tom Savini make-up) plays “Bub”, a zombie, that is kept in a lab as a test subject.

“Bub” is not as mindless as others – the experiments in the film prove that he is able to react to music, and towards the end of the film, when his doctor is murdered, Bub reacts to that with emotions.

Moreover, “Bub” seems to have been in the military, when he was still human, and in the end of the film he handles the gun, “helping” the other mindless zombies get the most of the evil Captain Rhodes. When the hungry zombies start tearing Rhodes apart, “Bub” gives an army salute to the camera, still holding a gun. Priceless. BZFilm totally agrees with Romero’s quote.

Howard, yet mostly known for his part as “Bub”, is a “working actor”, who has been in nearly 100 movies, TV-series, and so on. Yet, he seems to enjoy being “Bub” to most of the fans that meet with him. Oh yes, “Bub”, just like the “Worm-eyed Zombie” is also on the cover of “Day of the Dead”.

land of the dead big daddyBig Daddy (Eugene Clark, 2005)

George Romero continued doing what he does best, releasing “Land of the Dead” in 2005.

This time, a memorable zombie character “Big Daddy” here is played by a muscular Eugene Clark, a former football player. Clark has been active since the early 70s, appearing in over 100 movies up to this day.

“Big Daddy” differs a lot from “Bub”, whom many thought of as a victim. “Big Daddy” here is vicious, merciless, leading a horde of bloodthirsty zombies on a hunt for humans.

As the story suggests, before turning into a zombie, “Big Daddy” worked a gas station.

As a zombie, he is shown as superior to other zombies, and possesses a real threat to the main human characters in the film.

fido zombieFido (Billy Connolly, 2006)

A boy-and-his-dog movie for grown ups, “Fido” centers around a society where zombies live alongside people, working for them, doing all kinds of things, like slaves.

“Fido” here is one such zombie, who befriends a boy, who tries to protect his new friend, after Fido eats the family’s neighbors.

While the film can be classified as a black comedy, Connolly really does a great job playing “Fido”, as he is the main character here, unlike the other “zombies” in the article.

Many could not really see Connolly as a zombie, yet he proved many to be wrong, and his performance might not be as powerful as Sherman Howard’s as “Bub”, yet it is still worthy of mention.

Of course, we might have missed someone. But whom? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Although not technically a horror movie, “Zombie Shane” from last season’s The Walking Dead!! My fave…. 🙂

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