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6 reasons to watch Most Wanted (1997)


Most Wanted (1997) was an action movie directed by David Hogan, and starring Keenen Ivory Wayans, Jon Voight, Paul Sorvino, Jill Hennessy and Eric Roberts.

While the film seemingly had all the elements a 90’s action movie should have, it didn’t do well in the box office. The film, listed as having a $25 million budget, gathered just below $12 million in both domestic and foreign grosses.

Still, this doesn’t mean that Most Wanted doesn’t have the ‘tasty treats’ for an action movie fan!

Here are six reasons why you should watch the film:

– Keenen Ivory Wayans is no Wesley Snipes and it shows. Meanwhile, the film does have a great scene, which ‘explains’ the title – Most Wanted. The scene has Keenen Ivory Wayans on his last legs running down the street with tons of people chasing him… for 10 million dollars.

– Before Simon Baker captured himself a ton of fans thanks to “The Mentalist”, he played a reporter in Most Wanted. Believe it or not, he looks almost exactly like he does in “The Mentalist”. Must be proper diet or good genes.

– Watching Paul Sorvino’s performance in this film is just as enjoyable as watching Keenen Ivory Wayans do action. And Sorvino delivers, despite playing a supporting character.

– What is the first thing that a marine (or any man for that matter) would want to have after spending five years behind bars? A beautiful woman? A pizza? Well, in this film, Keenen Ivory Wayans goes for pizza…

– To make sure Keenen Ivory Wayans looks badass, his character has some great one-liners, including the one about “sheep in the Middle East” and “D*ckless warrior”.

– And to wrap it all up in a nice gift box – you get Eric Roberts playing a corrupt CIA operative!

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