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7 interesting facts about “Code of Honor” (2016)


Like BZFilm review of “Code of Honor” says, this Steven Seagal vehicle is one of the most watchable films of his, shot in the last five years (somewhere from 2012 – 2016).

By “watchable” we do not mean that Seagal has improved enough to be heading back to theaters, but overall the film is quite watchable, and there are several reasons and interesting facts why you should watch it.

Since this is an action movie, there are a lot of gun fights and explosions. Well, about 90% of all gun shots in the film are CGI, and this is evident from the first 15-20 minutes of the film. If you can handle that, you might even like the film even more.

Steven Seagal has never been a great actor, and in his latest movies he doesn’t seem to have a lot of dialogue. “Code of Honor” introduced the viewers to a new Steven Seagal – he doesn’t talk at all in the first 47 minutes of the film. At all. Is that good or bad?

Seagal’s supporting cast member, Craig Sheffer, who is not a martial artist, but plays a special agent in the film, does more fighting than Steven Seagal. And believe it or not, he doesn’t look that bad, compared to how Seagal’s fight scenes are shown nowadays.

It’s a proven thing: a good supporting cast can improve almost every bad movie. At least, some people would see the film based on the cast list. This film falls under that category – Louis Mandylor, Craig Sheffer and James Russo all get enough of screen time to move Seagal and the film forward.

Craig Sheffer, who made a name for himself in the late 1980s – early 1990s, came back after not being in the films since 2013. That’s right, until “Code of Honor”, Sheffer was last time seen on screen in 2013. He’s back with “Code of Honor” –  and not only it’s a Seagal movie, Sheffer also gets to fight with Seagal. Talk about some star power.

Throughout the whole film, Steven Seagal is not taking off his glasses, even in the night scenes. It just may be a special point in his contract – never take off your glasses on camera.

Believe it or not, the ending of “Code of Honor” will be surprising even to die-hard Steven Seagal fans. The film is marketed as a Steven Seagal movie, it plays out mostly as a Steven Seagal movie, but the ending just gives you a totally different feeling.

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