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9 interesting facts about The Fan (1996)


By the time Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes started doing “The Fan”, their careers were going in separate directions. Snipes was becoming a star, while De Niro was starting to slow down.

Despite good cast and a good director in Tony Scott, “The Fan” did not do well in the box office. Neither De Niro or Snipes can call “The Fan” among their best works. Nonetheless, the film is a good watch, and there are some things you may have not known about it.

9 interesting facts about “The Fan”


– Wesley Snipes received $7 million for doing this film.

– Robert De Niro, known for his extreme preparations for roles, did not prepare as thoroughly for this film. Meanwhile, he already had some baseball experience: De Niro played a pitcher, Bruce Pearson in “Bang the Drums Slowly” (1973). Same is with Snipes, who also played a baseball player in “Major League” (1989).

– Tony Scott finished shooting all of De Niro’s scenes for this film in two weeks.

– Actors who did not share scenes with De Niro, supporting actors and extras were forbidden from talking with De Niro or even look him in the eye, when he was on set.

– “The Fan” had a production budget of $55 million (IMDb), but made only some $18.5 million in the box office.

– Originally, Wesley Snipes wanted to play the part of the crazy fan, that eventually went to Robert De Niro.

– Jack Nicholson turned down the part of Gil Renard, while Al Pacino was considered to be offered the part. Eventually, the character was portrayed by De Niro.

– Brad Pitt, who was in talks to appear in the film, wanted to play Gil Renard, instead of Bobby Rayburn.

–  The film was released exactly one day before Robert De Niro’s 53rd birthday.

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