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9 good reasons to check out The Hidden (1987)


By Jim Turtle

A story about an alien possessing human bodies isn’t anything new, and nonetheless, “The Hidden” (1987) stands out, and is still watchable, even today. According to Box Office Mojo, the film made above $9.7 million in domestic box office.

Here are 8 good reasons to check out “The Hidden”, if you haven’t seen it:

– THE OPENING SCENE. The film sets the tone right away with the opening scene. A man (Chris Mulkey) enters a bank, calmly takes out a shotgun, kills a few people, takes the money, gets out, gets into a black Ferrari, and takes off. What follows is a high-speed city chase with cars being smashed, shootouts and people being run over.

– CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN. This part is for men only. Claudia Christian here, who plays a stripper, gets to dance, show off her butt, and she looks pretty as hell. For those who want more, she later gets to wear a sexy red dress, and shoot a machine gun! What’s not to like?

– COOL CARS. If you’re into speed and cars, you might like the film even more. It features a few really nice car chases, “starring” such cars as Porche 928, Ferrari 308 GTB, Ferrari Mondial convertible, Cadillac Sedan Deville, and others.

– FAMILIAR FACES. The Hidden (1987) is really “hidden” in terms of having some supporting actors we love, to appear for a short screen time. Here we have Danny Trejo, Chris Mulkey, Claudia Christian, Lin Shaye, Clu Gulager, Ed O’Ross.


– ED O’ROSS. Yes, speaking of Ed O’Ross, this film is unique for a simple reason – the guy we all know for playing a ruthless Russian gangster who kills Schwarzenegger’s partner in Red Heat (1988), in here plays a straight up police detective.

– ALIEN FOR PRESIDENT. The alien in the film at times seems to have no other purpose but to switch human bodies as soon as they become “damaged”. This allows to get screen time for supporting roles, showing “the alien” doing its thing (in this case Chris Mulkey, William Boyett, Claudia Christian). As for being smart, the alien at one point decides to overtake the body of a senator, after it sees the senator being “applauded to” on the TV. Later in the film, when the senator is already “infected”, he claims he wants to run for president.

– ARMED AND DANGEROUS. Kyle Machlachlan, to many, is the reason itself to see the film, however, in “The Hidden” he gets tastier – his character gets to shoot not just a flamethrower, but also a special “space gun”!

– FOR WHAT IT IS, VERY WELL MADE. Yes, believe it or not, an 80s film about an alien posessiong human bodies can be well made. The Hidden (1987) was director Jack Sholder’s favorite, according to his own words. The special effects are in place, production values are good, and we even get Kyle MacLachlan with a space gun. As much as it smells B-movie material, the film tries to go beyond that, and succeeds on may levels.

– TAGLINE. This is one of the taglines for the film: ” It killed 37 people, robbed 6 banks, 2 liquor stores, a record shop and stole 2 ferraris. Now the fun starts. It just took over a police station.” – how can you not want to see this?

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