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A brief look at the Estevez-Sheen family…

stevez-sheen-1Yesterday someone sent me a website called “Live the Sheen Dream” or something, which contains only one white page, with Charlie Sheen’s head in the center of it.

The whole point of the website is to make a user “click on the sheen head”, and various quotes (supposedly real ones) by Charlie Sheen appear under his head.

If I didn’t know it was Sheen, I’d say the comments were made by a complete nutcase, which, sadly, is nearly equal to today’s Charlie Sheen.

I’ve decided to go through some more info on the whole “Estevez-Sheen” family, and write something up.

The Family

I’d like to focus on only four members of the family, which are Joe Estevez, Martin Sheen (Ramon Estevez), Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. For once, I didn’t know that Emilio was Martin Sheen’s son.

For some reason I thought if Charlie Sheen had his stage name (sheen) taken after Martin, then Emilio must be Joe Estevez’s son. Turned out wrong, both Charlie and Emilio are Martin’s sons. Joe Estevez seemed like a lone soul until I found some info that he actually had 3 daughters.

Martin Sheen

The eldest of the family is still mostly remembered for a film he did over 30 years ago, that is “Apocalypse Now”.

Thinking right now, I believe I’ve seen at least 5-6 Martin Sheen movies, and he, in my opinion, has been a better actor at later stages of his life. He’s a good actor, however, according to IMDB, he doesn’t act much these days.

Joe Estevez

Good old Joe seems like the closest thing to this website – the man is considered a “B-movie King” by some people! There’s a quote by Estevez, saying he likes to do “movies that make a difference”.

I’ve seen a lot of movies with Joe, and I can say for sure they do make a difference, mostly for their absurdity, sleaziness, exploitation, but still they do.

Good thing is, Joe can act, and he always brings it to any project I’ve seen him in so far. He seems to be enjoying being in all kinds of films, without thinking too much about prestige. I can always appreciate a working actor.

Joe might not be as famous as Martin Sheen (who’s got dozens of nominations and awards), but he sure has been more active film wise – take a look at some very brief stats from IMDB below:

Martin Sheen (born in 1940) – made first film in 1961. 227 film titles (as of 2012).
Joe Estevez (born in 1950) – made first film in 1974. 229 film titles (as of 2012).

Emilio Estevez

Emilio is the eldest son of Martin Sheen, and honestly everything I can remember him being involved in can be summed up in one-two sentences.

I remember seeing him in “Maximum Overdrive”, a film that used to frighten me as a kid, I remember smiling at him in the “Mighty Ducks” series, and I remember seeing a different Emilio in “Rated X” some 6-7 years later.

Emilio seemingly has been having some extra weight problems, which did not stop him from doing some screenwriting and directorial work (12 titles as director, 5 titles as writer, going in 2012). He’s been quiet for some time now, but I am sure we will hear from him soon.

Charlie Sheen

Here he is – the craziest and the funniest of the bunch. Sheen started off real well, and has been considered a serious dramatic actor for some time. I remember him being good at comedy as well with those “Hot Shots” films.

He’s had his ups and downs (insert drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence), and in the 2003 he became popular with the “Two and a half men” sitcom. In 2006, Sheen became the highest-paid comedy star on television.

I’ve never been a “sheen fan” so, I didn’t know how he got fired from the show, and how he all of a sudden became an online celebrity. Watching some of his latest interviews, it seems like Sheen is simply mocking everyone (including the fans and media), at the same time becoming more of a joke, at least that’s what it seems to me.

Even if Charlie is not completely crazy (which is good), such behavior of his, really downs his chances of getting involved with a serious big-budget film project (which is bad). And as we all know, not every joke can be funny all the time.

One might say that in this case, Charlie is similar to Chuck Norris, who has also become hugely popular after all these “Chuck Norris facts & jokes”. However, if Norris does not react to these, Sheen is using this “bad publicity” to the maximum. I hope he straightens his life a little, since even his family is a little worried about his future.

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