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A film about Azerbaijani philosopher & founder of Azeri dramaturgy is being shot

Reportedly, a film is being made on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Mirza Fatali Akhundov, the founder of the Azerbaijani dramaturgy.

Akhundov, in case you didn’t know, was a celebrated Azerbaijani author, playwright, philosopher, and founder of modern literary criticism, “who acquired fame primarily as the writer of European-inspired plays in the Azeri language”.

Akhundov single handedly opened a new stage of development of Azerbaijani literature and is also considered one of the founders of modern Iranian literature. He was also one of the forerunners of modern Iranian nationalism.

Ramiz Hasanoglu, who is film’s director, told the local media that the shooting in Baku has been already completed.

Next, the crew will head to Shaki (Azerbaijani region, place where Akhundov was born in 1812). Reportedly, they will move to Shaki in a couple of days.

“The shooting in Shaki will last for 3 weeks. We will also have to shoot some scenes in Georgia, and Turkey. The whole shoot should be completed by February, but it also depends on weather”, director noted.

The title of the film is “Messenger of the Dawn”, tells the life story of Akhundov. Reportedly, around 90 Azerbaijani actors are participating in the movie, and actor Nijat Habibov is set to play the young Akhundov. Another popular Azerbaijani actor Rasim Balayev will portray the older Akhundov.

As for Akhundov’s wife, she will be played by Azerbaijani actress living in Turkey, Malahat Abbasova. The completed movie will be released in 2012, by the 200th anniversary of Akhundov.

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