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Action stars unite for Christmas family film “Santa’s Summer House” (exclusive)

David DeCoteau's Santa's Summer HouseTo me, this seems like the most exciting project David DeCoteau has done in years, as a director.

How else would you get action legends such as Cynthia Rothrock, Gary Daniels, Daniel Bernhardt and Kathy Long, all to appear in one film?

If it is not a martial arts film, then it is…”Santa’s Summer House”.

A few weeks ago, DeCoteau shared these news on Facebook, which were quickly picked up by both Gary Daniels and Cynthia Rothrock, who both appeared in the film.

It should also be noted that Christopher Mitchum (son of legendary Robert Mitchum) also has a minor part in the film, which was supposedly shot in Malibu, with a tiny budget.

Prior to this project, DeCoteau has never worked with any of the above mentioned action stars.

Rothrock noted on her page that she had a lot of fun doing a film with her martial arts friends.

As for Gary Daniels – BZFilm contacted the former kickboxing champion to ask him about the film, which does not seem to be appearing anywhere in the news thus far.

“It is not an action movie, it is a family Christmas movie with an ensemble cast,” Daniels told BZFilm on August 9. “We wrapped up shooting a couple of weeks ago.”

DeCoteau was not available for comments, as he is probably busy doing post-production on the picture. Aside from “Santa’s Summer House”, DeCoteau has 12 films being released this year so far, according to IMDB, so the director is not wasting any time.

Despite the fact that many IMDB users claim DeCoteau has “lost it” since his early days (Creepozoids), “Santa’s Summer House” just might turn out to be a step-up for DeCoteau, and a great addition to his filmography.

There is no yet any information on when the film is going to be released (who knows maybe closer to Christmas…).

As Gary Daniels noted “Santa’s Summer House” is not an action film, so action fans better not await for any kickboxing fights or shootouts.

On the other hand, it would be interesting to see those action heroes act in a family film. I wonder, who plays Santa?

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