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Albert Pyun having serious health problems, says “Cyborg Nemesis” to be his last film

albert-pyunCult director Albert Pyun, who has directed some memorable films in his career, which include sci-fi classics “Cyborgs” with Jean-Claude Van Damme and “Nemesis” with Olivier Gruner, seems to be having serious health problems.

Earlier today, Pyun posted a shocking message on his Facebook page, notifying everyone that he will soon be shutting down the page, and also other movie related efforts including Director’s cuts attending film festivals and screenings, due to his health issues.

“I have to take the time to address this condition as its a long term but not life threatening,” Pyun said. “I’ve had some heart issues, but that was under control. But this new one is not as dangerous but far more widespread across my entire body and inhibits my ability to function until its controlled.”

“The process I face will be all consuming in the short term and I will be forced to leave Vegas to seek treatment,” he said.

Pyun noted that he has enjoyed his time with everyone and the friendships that he was “lucky enough to find here and elsewhere”.

“I’ll live on in my films and hope to get Cyborg Nemesis out sometime in the near future. It will definitely be my final film,” Pyun said.

“There will likely be no further Director’s cuts as I’m not going be able to go further on those. I apologize to everyone here who have been so dedicated to supporting the DC’s of my past films. There will be no further DC’s sales,” he said.

“Good Bye for the near future and hope we can all gather in the glow of the movie screen sometime in the future. Love and respected everyone who stopped by. Its been one of the greatest joys of my career and life to meet you all,” Pyun’s sad message said.

Previously, speaking to BZFilm, Pyun said he was glad he is “at the end of his career”, adding that he looks forward to “teaching and holding seminars” to pass along what he himself has learned. With the health issues to deal with, it is unlikely the director will be doing any seminars in the near future.

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