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Albert Pyun offered to direct “Lionheart” remake

albert-pyun-editingCult director Albert Pyun has reportedly been offered to direct a “Lionheart” remake of 1990 Jean-Claude Van Damme action film.

“I’ve been approached about directing a remake of Van Damme’s “Lionheart” with Van Damme by the rights holding distributor,” Pyun said on Facebook.

He added however that in his opinion, the film doesn’t need a remake.

“Not sure if I will do this as it doesn’t seem to be a film needing a remake. I guess I’d changed the Los Angeles setting to Hong Kong, but I am not sure it fits in with what I do,” Pyun said.

“I told the rights holder I will consider it depending on how excited JCVD is about it. And if I can make it with my vision of it,” he added.

In the original Lionheart, Van Damme plays Lyon Gaultier – a soldier of the Foreign Legion who goes AWOL, arriving in the U.S., after finding out that his brother has been killed. He’s trying to find some money for his brother’s wife and her daughter, and soon he gets involved in series of illegal fights, which have only one good thing about them – they pay up well. Gaultier however has another issue – a couple of mercenaries were sent to bring him back.

Pyun has previously worked with Van Damme on “Cyborg” back in 1989.

Pyun has been having some health-related issues lately, and Van Damme was among those, who sent Pyun a surprise message, wishing him a speedy recovery.

Pyun of course doesn’t have a “traditional” vision of a martial arts film, which is what the 1990 “Lionheart” is, but nonetheless, his vision of the film (if one exists as of now) could be interesting, and even more so, if Van Damme would be involved in the project.

By Jim Vangelis

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