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Albert Pyun says he can “barely move”, intends to record his treatment on camera

albert-pyun-2Director Albert Pyun has indeed shocked many of his fans earlier today, when he posted a rather long message to his fans, saying that he’s got some serious health issues that have to be handled as soon as possible. You can about that here.

Several hours later, Pyun posted another message, this time addressed to the “world of web cinema sites”. Pyun in particular noted that his heath has deteriorated further over the past 3 days.

“I now have complete numbness and pain on my entire right side (face, arm, chest, legs). Beyond the pain and brain fog that persists almost continuously now (some might say I’ve had this my entire filmmaking career). I don’t have the ability to function very well right now and i can barely walk and even think clearly most of the time now. I get easily confused and there’s a lot of pain,” Pyun shared.

“I know once I finish the medical tests in LA next week, I’ll be put on some meds and a program that will stabilize my conditions,” he said.

“I intend to add a camera bracket on my wheelchair so my entire life can be a continuous tracking shot. So I look at this as a brief enforced sabbatical and chance to think up new movies with a different perspective. My hands and arms are so weak and numb, I can make a movie called “Shaky Cam!! – the movie”. But in any case my filmmaking days are likely over,” he wrote.

He further spoke about his condition, saying that the “number of symptoms is truly staggering”.

“I have body functions I never knew I had. I’ve lost control over some of these which is embarrassing. I’ve been noticing odd issues the past 5 years but really in the past few months they became more pronounced,” he said.

albert-pyun-3“Getting old is the ultimate movie adventure for sure. I still hope to screen RTH in LA and, if I am able, other cities just for the chance to be amongst rabid film fans once more for the joy of that,” he wrote.

“So I’m really shutting down until I can get a handle on this disease (MS) and there’s a chance I never might. I’ve accepted that,” he wrote.

Pyun did not forget about the other filmmakers that are currently just starting in the business, and said that “there are so many great talents out there”.

“I feel the need to help as many as I can. For me, that’s always been the best part of my filmmaking. The ability to assist others get closer to the life dreams they have, be it as crew or producer or actor,” he said.

“I know I’ll never be at the level of a Rodriquez, Hill or Tarantino (or heck, even an Eli Roth or, even, my kindred spirit, Ed Woods), but I hope in a few months to be able to get back to being Albert,” Pyun wrote.

The director further expressed hope that people, in particular his fans, would support “new talents” that he has worked with, like “Joei Fulco, Daniel Gutierrez, Daniel Faust and particularly the genius of Michael Su”.

“My dear longtime collaborators, Tony Riparetti, Michael McCarty, Sasha Mitchell, Michael Pare, Clare Kramer, Norbert Weisser, Scott Paulin, Dru Anne Moss, Trudi Forristal, Jessica Delgado, Kevin Sorbo and Sazzy Calhoun in whatever they do going forward. Support them and protect them from the harshness of this business,” he said.

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