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Americans prefer pirated movies over those in theaters and rental stores

hollywood-hillsThis is something I was reading today, and decided to write down some interesting numbers.

Personally, I did not know them, and I was a little surprised. Take a look below.

Entering the 2012, United States of America population was roughly counted at 313 million people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s end-of-2011 estimate.

The 313 million people figure is about 2.25 million person increase since New Year’s Day, 2011.

According to one of Mashable’s recent infographics, 46 percent of Americans are skipping the theater or rental store in favor of pirated movies. Now, if we mix it all up, what we get is roughly 144 million of those 313 prefer pirated movies (mostly downloaded online).

46 percent is not a small number at all, in case with the U.S., no surprise so far the fighting with piracy did not produce any significant results.

And this is only the U.S. we are talking about, where you can purchase pretty much any movie made on that very continent.

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