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An inside look: What is Dolph Lundgren doing on Facebook?

Dolph Lundgren, the “Big Swede” needs no special introduction, yet what does makes him special among other stars, is that he seems to be very active online, especially on his Facebook page.

So, what is he doing there? Anyone curious? Well, Lundgren (or him and his dedicated team) usually following most of the news about him that are being spread by the media online, he keeps his fans updated on his latest projects, and even shares latest pictures sometimes.

I would say, among those that I closely watch for, he’s one of the most active.

And I’ve been pleasantly surprised when found out that Lundgren not only spreads info on his Facebook wall, but also speaks to the fans! To be exact – they ask questions, and the Big Swede answers.

Below are some of those, that Lundgren posted himself in June 2012, probably selecting the most interesting ones, check them out.

Fan question: How does your training regime differ now, as compared to 25 years ago? How do you lessen the impact on your joints?

Dolph: Yes, less training/running on hard surfaces. Not lifting as heavy. More flexibility and mobility training. Less sparring and more bag/pad work for punches and kicks. More recovery time.

Fan question: With all the films that you have made which is your favorite location in the world?

Dolph: Thailand for MEN OF WAR. Great going swimming in the sea after work, then grabbing some Thai food on beach in torch light.

Fan question: Who is your favorite co-star from all the movies you have made?

Dolph: I suppose Sly Stallone, who also gave me two big breaks in my career, ROCKY IV and THE EXPENDABLES.

Fan question: Have you ever been to the Oktoberfest in Munich? If not, would you like to visit it some day?

Dolph: I was there many years ago and got drunk on a few of those huge liter-tankards with German beer. Sang ‘Roki Zuki’, or something like that…

Fan question: Have you ever considered to do a movie with Steven Seagal?

Dolph: Yes, we met and discussed a project a few years back, but unfortunately it didn’t work out at that time. Maybe in the future!

Fan question: Did you ever regret what you become? If you could what would you change the most in your life or work?

Dolph: Sometime I wonder what it would have been like if I had become an engineer or scientist, but I don’t look back and regret anything. Life is all about taking hard knocks and learning your lessons. I look to the future!

Fan question: My question is when will your book be translated into English and released?

Dolph: My fitness book? I hope next year. Still trying to put that together!

Fan question: I’ve been waiting to take some form of martial arts, mostly for protection and I was wondering what you think the most effective form would be for me. I wanted to take karate because I’m a huge Elvis fan and that’s what he did, but I’ve heard there are way more effective forms of martial arts for taking someone down if I needed to.

Dolph: The reason to study martial arts is in my opinion not only to fight but to become a better person. To be more confident, respectful of others and develop a positive attitude. The style I train Kyokushin karate is a fairly hard traditional Japanese style, but there are many others. Look in your area and find a dojo where people seem disciplined and tough, yet respectful. The loudmouth is usually the first one to go down in a street fight.

Fan question: What was it like working with Brandon Lee?

Dolph: Great guy, certainly would’ve become a huge star just like his father. We had fun on the set, his mother Linda was of Swedish descent. Tragic what happened.

Fan question: Your favorite book, please?

Dolph: One is ‘The Long Ships’, an epic viking novel by Swedish author Frans G Bengtsson.

Fan question: Have u ever let your kids see your own films, if they did, how they feel?

Dolph: My two daughters have only seen a few of my films. The ones that aren’t that violent. They liked MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE when they were small. Now, 10 and 16 they’ve seen THE EXPENDABLES and will come with me to the premiere of the sequel.

Fan question: I read recently that Quentin Tarantino worked on your workout video ‘Maximum Potential’. My question is did you meet him on set and if so did you have any idea that he would go on to become such a great film maker?

Dolph: No, I didn’t remember him on the set. Too busy doing 2,000 sit-ups.

Fan question: Was it as much fun as it looked, driving and crashing and blowing up all those super cars in ‘Joshua Tree’?

Dolph: Yes, a bait scary too. We did a lot of the final chase sequence on a road snaking up a mountain with a 1000-foot drop to the valley below. One of actors threw up out the car window.

Fan question: What food do you eat to keep so fit…and what do you avoid?

Dolph: Try to have a good breakfast, a mixture of protein and carbs. Like oatmeal with sliced banana and a boiled egg. Or scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast. If you want to lose weight, don’t eat any carbs ( pasta, potatoes, rice, etc) after lunch, only protein, i.e. chicken, fish or meat with a salad. It’s important to keep eating, because if you diet too much your metabolism shuts down and you can’t lose fat OR gain muscle.

Fan question: Who’s your favorite actor amongst the cast of expendables 2? And who’s the funniest?

Dolph: The funniest is Terry Crews and I became pretty close with him and Randy Couture on the sequel. Sly Stallone and Arnold I know for 25 years already.

Fan question: What do you think about Perry Lang, the director of “Men of War”?

Dolph: He did a great job, and the location we shot the film in Thailand made it look fabulous.

Fan question: I would like to know how many hours you work out now as you are older but still in great shape as i am not workin out as much i used to but though i am still strong i do have a problem with cardio work.

Dolph: I work out between 3-6 days a week, 1-2 hours per workout. I try to do more stretching and less heavy lifting. Weights are good for your structure, but as you get older flexibility and mobility are the toughest challenges, in my opinion. Cardio is important to fight off stress and for your heart.

So, that is basically it, all Lundgren, all rock-solid. The Big Swede has a few of quite interesting projects, most famous of which is of course “The Expendables 2”.

Aside from that, he’s also starring alongside Scott Adkins in “Tomb of the Dragon”, with Steve Austin in “The Package”, and fighting some zombies in “Battle of the Damned”.

If you are interested, follow the Big Swede here on his Facebook page.

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