Articles & Notes — October 18, 2011 at 5:27 pm

“…and this time, Schwarzenegger is the prey!”

When I say that some people don’t know how to appreciate B-movies, or how movies are made, I mean it.

And, sometimes people want to know more about movies they actually watched more than once. One of such conversations took place today in my office.

We were on a smoking break, and one of the journalists I work with, comes up to me and says: You know so much about movies, you even run your own movie blog. Can you tell me how the “Predator” creature was made?

Heck, sure I do. I told him (briefly in 5-6 minutes) about how they first wanted to go with this small martial arts predator played by Jean-Claude Van Damme (who later walked off the set for being credited in the film as “special effect”), how Stan Winston came on board, and how whole SFX crew turned Kevin Peter Hall into one of the most devastating and deadly sci-fi villains ever to appear in the movie. Had we more time, I would have told him about the “Hunter” book as well, but sadly we didn’t.

When he picked up his jaw, I added, that I was sorry some people don’t appreciate those actors or those who work in the movies for the little things that they do.

Same goes for B-movies as well. Although “Predator” is not a B-movie, somehow, for me, it wasn’t straight A-list material either, despite having Arnold Schwarzenegger in there.

And, as much as I like Van Damme, another “thank you” goes out to the late Kevin Peter Hall for making the Predator people still remember today. Anyway, just wanted to share.

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