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Arnold Schwarzenegger to make the “Last Stand”…

There has been a lot of buzz for the last couple of weeks on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s scandal with his mistress, his divorce, and the child that was born after his affair.

I’ve read enough of comments on websites and blogs about Arnold, saw people bashing him, “boycotting” his possible future movies and so on.

I can consider myself a Schwarzenegger fan as well, ever since childhood – he is a living proof, that a determined man can achieve a lot. The man achieved everything he wanted in his life, except for being president.

A skinny little kid from Austria turned into a champion bodybuilder, with arguably the best body in the history of this sport, then the acting gig came along, and Arnold became famous all over the world. Then, “Terminator” turned to politics, and became the Governor.

No one is perfect, people need to remember that, I have a book on Schwarzenegger, written back in 1996, where the author (Nigel Andrews) talks about him smoking marijuana, his sexual appetite, and other “sins”. Everyone has sins, its just that their exposure depends on your popularity.

Arnold used to hear things like “some people will tear you apart, they will dig up the worst that your bio has and they will use it against you, if you try out  for a political career”. He passed all that, and the point is that its not really important what really is Arnold in his private life (which we dont know), as long as he has got his star presense, and the demand is still there.

According to the media reports, Schwarzenegger is ready to come back – a LionsGate project “Last Stand” is set to star the 63 year old actor.

The movie itself is a western, which reportedly is exactly what Arnold needs right now for a comeback to Hollywood. The film is also a debut of Korean filmmaker Kim-ji Woon.

Arnold was interested in the role at one point, but backed out – which paved the way for Liam Neeson to take over. Unfortunately, Neeson’s  schedule eventually forced the studio to look for another lead – and Arnold swooped back in, and took the part.

Reportedly, Schwarzenegger will be working for less than he’s used to – and less than the $12.5 million salary he’s getting to do “Cry Macho”. Well, we got 2 movies with Arnold possibly starring in, and I personally don’t really care about Arnold’s affair with another woman, I’d be looking forward for these films.

First we had a CGI Arnold in “Terminator Salvation”, then we had a small cameo from Arnold himself in “The Expendables”…now, its time for Arnold to take the lead, as he is still a force to be reckoned with.

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