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Azerbaijan can soon establish special “TV for children” channel

A special TV for children can soon be opened in Azerbaijan. National Council of Television and Radio (NCTR) is considering such idea, according to NCTR’s chairman Nushiravan Maharramli.

According to him, NRTC also wants existing TV channels pay more attention to children’s television shows.

“If such TV programs are given more air time, it might not be necessary to create a new, separate channel,” he said. “Otherwise, having a separate tv channel for kids, sponsored by the government is a nice option.”

Maharramli believes that considering Azerbaijan’s strengthening economy, it is necessary to create new TV channels. In particular, he said that was the main reason for creating “Sport Azerbaijan” TV channel.

Thus far Azerbaijani TV channels only air children’s programmes separately – there is no separate channel. Establishing one would require a substantial amount of money.

Maharramli also mentioned the issue of cultural sphere, noting that the importance of more cultural programs on national TV has significantly increased in recent years.

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