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Azerbaijan eyes “big success” in TV-series production…yeah right

I’ve never, as long as I can remember, been a fan of Azerbaijani television, for a number of reasons. I am not going to reveal them here, but possibly you’d understand after reading further.

“Azerbaijan will reach a great success in shooting of national TV-series and films in 5 years or so, said the chairman of the National Council for Radio and Television of Azerbaijan (NCRTA) Nushiravan Maharramli.

Maharramli also believes, that “Azerbaijani soap operas are way better than any Latin Amercan soap operas”. It depends on how we can define “better” – better by quality? I doubt it. Better by scripts and plot? Highly unlikely. They’re just different, they’re closer to national standard, and Maharramli admits it.

“I think that weak Azerbaijani soap opera is much better than any Latin American TV-series. We will try to make TV-series to be of high quality ant to be more consistent with the interests of the people,” Maharramli noted.

Referring to the experience of Turkey and Russia in this sphere, Maharramli said that originally these countries had no success filming their own TV-series and movies – “Turkey and Russia have achieved great successes in this area today. Azerbaijan is a Turkic-speaking country, but there are many Russian-speaking people living here as well.”

It’s a real pity, that we can only refer to Turkey (since we’re a brotherly country, blah blah blah) and to Russia (since we’re a former Soviet Union country, and lots and lots of people still speak Russian here, including myself). There are other countries, which have progressed a lot in the soap operas/tv-series sphere, but we’re still going in the direction of Turkey and Russia. Something that we know.

Another “good news” is that Council for Radio and Television of Azerbaijan is considering disabling foreign TV-channels since May 1, 2012. The decision was made to preserve national and spiritual values, the formation of national consciousness, to promote national films and tv-series. That, in my opinion, is not the best way of “preserving national and spiritual values”. The point is that people are slowly going ahead, and disabling these foreign channels will only slow down this process. National films and TV-series do not have quality, they are pretty much useless, they do not help us develop, I believe.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on the allocation of five million manat for the shooting of national television shows and movies. Five million manat is over 6 million of U.S. dollars (6 358 000 to be exact).

Turn your imagination and think how many movies (and tv-series as well) could have been shot on this amout of money. Instead all of this money will go to useless crap soap operas with no value at all, I am sure.

One thing I can agree on with Maharramli is that these pathetic Azerbaijani wedding TV-shows must be stopped. Sadly, the National Council on Television and Radio does not have an authority to prevent this junk from appearing on our TVs.

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