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Azerbaijan to present country’s first 3D cartoon soon (video)

Azerbaijan’s first domestically made 3D cartoon is almost ready to be shown to general public.

As country’s first 3D film, animators Yusif Gabilov and Rashad Efendiyev chose ancient Azerbaijani tale – “Cirtdan and Tepegez” (aka Little boy and the Cyclops”).

At the first stages of development, it was planned to make a remake of the original tale, however later team working on the project decided to rewrite the script.

Cirtdan is the most popular tales character among children in Azerbaijan.

Roughly translated from Azerbaijani – Cirtdan means “little boy”, that distinguishes national identity, ingenuity, courage and bravery.

Tepegez on the other side (translated from Turkic – eye on the forehead, aka the Cyclops) is a monster (man-monster) that feeds on humans and sheep.

Not to copy the original tale, the new one that will be presented in the upcoming 3D cartoon, has a lot of new additions.

Both Cirtdan and Tepegez remain as the central characters, however the new cartoon will have a lot of modern additions (such as Internet) and a love element, that will force Cirtdan to look for a “magic apple” to grow up quickly.

“We tried to add those modern things, like Internet, while still having some national color. The final result, I think, will be solid,” Rashad Efendiyev said.

Head of the Cinematography Department of Culture and Tourism Yusif Sheikhov believes that it is important to have own domestically made films and animated films with local heroes and stories.

“Tom and Jerry are great, as is Shrek, however our children need films and animated films based on our own folklore,” Sheikhov said.

The film will soon to be shown at the country’s biggest cinemas. It was revealed, that the creators of the cartoon plan to make a cartoon series, also in 3D format.

A short teaser trailer for the upcoming 3D cartoon was released online on June 14, and you can check it out below.


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