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Big update on the “Expendables 2” with photos

I haven’t been able to get to post more news on the “EX2”, but here it is. I’ve gathered updates on this upcoming Simon West blockbuster, starring pretty much any action star you know, except for Steven Seagal. Consider this a big weekly update. Let’s get on it…

Film updates: Not so long ago, Dolph Lundgren revealed some possible details of “EX2” story, to the reporter, while in Japan. This is a little breakdown of what Lundgren said:

*EX2 opens up with a scene where Trent Mauser (Schwarzenegger) gets rescued, while being kept captive in Burma.

*Agent Church (Willis) forces the Expendables to do a new mission.

*There are scenes where Willis, Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris are together.

*There will be more action scenes than in the first film, plus more jokes and comedy situations.
Next up – Sylvester Stallone reportedly said that this official expendables 2 poster – is a fake one. If it is so, I guess we’ll have to wait for the official one.

Scott Adkins has posted his own, altered version of the “bogus poster” of Expendables 2, with himself and Jet Li now on the cover. Take a look at the poster below – in my personal opinion, doesn’t look that bad, and definitely better than the earlier bogus. I wouldn’t mind this particular cover become the official one, however, something tells me it won’t.

Another update on the story – German movie source said that the opening scene with Schwarzenegger (being rescued from Burma) is his only scene in the film. After that scene, Bruce Willis’ character sends Expendables on a new mission (probably against Jean-Claude Van Damme’s character). There is also a scene, where Schwarzenegger, Norris and Willis are together (at the airport). All of this is unofficial, and I hope its not true, because I would really like to see more of Schwarzenegger in the film.

Film schedule update: Bulgarian sources report, that 1) Filming in Bulgaria will wrap up sometime next week, 2) Filming in China (with Jet Li) will take place in January, and will last for approximately 2 weeks, 3) There supposedly will be no more surprise additions to the cast.

New additions to the cast – Okay, so now we got a few more people being added to the “Expendables 2” cast. One of them is a tennis star (!), Novak Djokovic, who arrived in Bulgaria to shoot his scenes, according to a Bulgarian news source. Source also says Djokovic’s part will be a minor one.

Another addition is Nikolette Noel, who, supposedly will be playing Liam Hemsworth’s character girlfriend in the movie, according to local sources in Bulgaria. Another minor addition.

And now pictures for desert – Yes, this is your “Expendable” desert – new pictures (from a weekly update) from the “Expendables 2” set, with Randy Couture, Terry Crews and Dolph Lundgren.

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