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Billy Zane to lead a group of people to battle zombies

billy-zaneAnother zombie film coming up for the fans of the genre soon, and it’s starring Billy Zane.

Shouldn’t come out as a surprise, since Zane has been starring in pretty much anything for the past several years.

“Elephant’s Graveyard” by filmmaker Harrison Smith stars Billy Zane, Dee Wallace, Felissa Rose, and Gabrielle Stone – a zombie horror film shooting in Northeast Pennsylvania in September 2013.

Smith will be directing the film based on his own screenplay.

The film’s creators plan to have a character-driven story that delivers the goods for the sub-genre’s fans.

According to Dread Central, the movie already has several sequels already planned under the branding of “Zombie Killers,” which is referenced in the film.

The story focuses on a team of young warriors under the leadership of military vet (Billy Zane), who stands between the “figures” and their small rural town of Elwood.

Speaking of Dee Wallace, she plays a terminally ill mother pushing her son to leave the dying town of Elwood, even if it means facing death beyond its gates.

Wallace shares the screen with her real life daughter, Gabrielle Stone, who plays her son’s love interest, Nikki.

Fellisa Rolse on the other hand, who has recently starred in horror thriller “Dead.Tv” with Eric Roberts and Danielle Harris, will be playing a religious zealot who works to convince the town’s residents of a fixed fatalism that can’t be fought.

Venerated CGI artist Joe Lawson and his Digital Arts company provide the post digital while Angela Johnson of Evolution supervises makeup practical effects.

Principal photography begins September 4th in Northeast Pennsylvania with a projected summer 2014 release.

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