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BitTorrent used to help promoting independent film

bittorentThe BitTorrent Inc company, that has been repeatedly accused by the content industry for promoting Internet piracy because of the file-sharing technology that it uses,  has recently surprised everyone by partnering with Cinedigm in order to promote a new independent film.

This partnership has aken many industry experts by surprise, particularly in Hollywood headquarters, and was dubbed “one of the stranger plot twists in Hollywood”.

The partners aimed at efficient promotion of the upcoming romantic comedy titled “Arthur Newman”.

The cooperation and collaboration of the independent distributor Cinedigm and BitTorrent meant that the public was invited to screen the first 7 minutes of the movie starring Colin Firth and Emily Blunt prior to its official release.

According to Shahi Ghanem, chief strategy officer of BitTorrent, this was “a visionary move by Cinedigm” which highlighted its role in changing the way entertainment industry perceives BitTorrent.

In addition, Cinedigm CMO Jill Calcaterra said that “when you provide people with a legal alternative, more often than not they will take it”.

These words further justify a partnership to which the rest still remain reluctant.

In the meanwhile, BitTorrent keeps struggling to detach itself from the bad reputation it had acquired due to being associated to downloading copyrighted content without permission.

BitTorrent’s vice president of marketing Matt Mason seized the opportunity to advance the image towards which the company is currently pushing: a “network of 170 million consumers” at creating opportunity to connect the authors and their fans.

Once again, BitTorrent is trying to demonstrate that it can be used as an efficient legitimate promotion tool.

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