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Broaden your cinematic horizons

cinematicusWhen you’re sifting through the different cinema listings deciding what to watch, it’s sometimes impossible to find a movie that suits your viewing genre.

This is the moment that you have to grab with both hands and try something new!

Too many of us are stuck in that safety zone as far as movies are concerned. We like rom coms, but hate horrors. We can enjoy historical epics but can’t do with action movies.

Being so blinkered about the kind of film you go and see could mean that you end up missing out on some great films, and discovering new genres, opening up the choices available to you when you’re leafing your way through the cinema Edinburgh listings – or wherever you happen to be.

So, next time you’re stuck and don’t know what to see, be bold and go watch something new and different. If you usually check out a trailer or five before deciding which film to watch, try going up to the box office and just picking the film that happens to be showing at the most convenient time. Don’t read the synopsis and see what happens.

You might even try out a foreign film. And for those of you who yawn at the thought of reading subtitles and won’t give foreign language films a chance, shame on you! You’ve missed classics like Jean de Florettes, Cinema Paradiso and City of God for starters.

These are films that stay with you for weeks and months after you’ve watched them, unlike some of the throwaway action movies or comedies we might find more appealing at first glance.

Today, it’s almost too easy to watch film trailers on the internet and decide to give a film the thumbs down before we’ve really given it a chance.

So, next time you’re tempted by a movie title, restrain yourself from having a peek at the trailer, and just go and see it at the movies. It may end up not being what you anticipated, and you may make the odd disastrous choice, but what have you got to lose except the price of the ticket?

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