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New Bruce Lee whisky commercial shows CGI’s growing power – VIDEO

In some countries, the tv advertising of alcohol is prohibited, so naturally, this little 90-second commercial will not be shown there. A shame really, since this ad shows us the best CGI Bruce Lee we could probably have in a movie today.

The ad was launched in Greater China on july 7, and it features Bruce Lee (comprised of a lookalike and CGI), his “be like water” philosophy, being tied to Johnnie Walker’s “Keep Walking” brand slogan.

Yes, the best CGI Bruce Lee we’ve seen has been used for a whiskey commercial. The whole thing, according to Campaign Asia-Pacific, was shot at Club @28 of the Crown Plaza Hotel, where Hong Kong actor Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan had Bruce Lee’s CGI face put on his body for the needed expressions.

Reportedly, the whole CGI process of Lee’s facial expressions took 9 months to make – more than some full movies take to produce.

The commercial premiered in Beijing last Friday, and Lee’s daughter Shannon also attended the event.

CEO of PHD Hong Kong, the media agency working on this Johnny Walker campaign said that the campaign may eventually go around the rest of the world, not just China. He also noted that the commercial’s cost is high, and it was aired for only one night on July 7, and after it will be screened online and in cinemas.

While of course whiskey might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and had Bruce Lee been alive, he might have not agreed to do the commercial after all, the 90-second ad shows how in the near future the movie studios could be using long-gone celebrities in full movies.

This CGI Bruce Lee looks slightly better than those pieces of Arnold Schwarzenegger we’ve seen in “Terminator: Salvation” (which was also done via the same method – using a body double and CGI), however it remains to be seen if a CGI actor (a celebrity) would be enough to sell tens of thousands of cinema tickets.

The fact that in the near future the CGI will be used more heavily than ever and that some day the living actors will be substituted by computer graphics, might not be too far-fetched, however it is highly unlikely that the technology in films will someday completely substitute real actors.

In this particular case though – a lot of people would pay for a ticket to see CGI Bruce Lee to kick some butt.

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