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Darren Aronofsky making a movie on 90’s NBA legend?

The world wide web has always been full of rumors. Some of them turned out to be true, while others remained rumors, and later disappeared.

And sometimes one cannot help but think – what if a particular rumor turned out to be true?

In this case, it involves former NBA power forward Shawn Kemp, and a well-known director Darren Aronofsky.

Just like many other celebrities, both Kemp and Aronofsky happen to have their own twitter accounts.

In August of this year, Shawn Kemp tweeted an interesting message, that supposedly was a rumor.

“Some dude told they heard on the internet you wanted to make a movie about me. Is this true? Oh I guess this is some internet joke someone made about me. But you are free to make a movie about me any time,” said two of Kemp’s messages.

There was no official word on this, and Aronofsky seems to have kept it silent. At this point it is safe to say that there’s no such project happening any time soon, but if it did, what would it be like?

Shawn Kemp himself is quite a vivid personality. He has never played college basketball, and he was drafted in the NBA straight out of Trinity Valley Community College.

He was destined to become the legend not only of the Seattle Supersonics, but the NBA as well. Kemp had a very unique playing style, and it is safe to say that he was not only one of the best dunkers of the 90s NBA, but one of the best power forwards too.

Now, assuming for a minute the online rumor was true, Kemp’s story (NBA, post-NBA) would be quite interesting to watch, if the story is good.

Aronofsky directed “The Wrestler” with Mickey Rourke in 2008, and the film got nominated for an Oscar. A fictional wrestler played by Rourke felt like he really existed.

In case with Kemp – there’s no need to invent a fictional character. The film could include not just Kemp’s NBA seasons, but such story subplots as his off-court problems and the relocation of the Seattle Supersonics team (that was the subject of the film “Sonics Gate”).

In any way, if there was a film made on Anna Nicole Smith after she passed away, there could be a film made on Shawn Kemp, who is still alive and kicking it.

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