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Different fan opinions on the upcoming “Expendables 2”

Not so long ago I stumbled upon a short “Expendables 2” teaser, that was posted on Youtube by the Russians.

The Teaser was also dubbed into Russian, and there were tons of comments on the thing. The point of me writing this is that reading the comments made me feel a little sad.

There seems to be a big difference between how the Western and Russian-speaking fans treat the upcoming Simon West flick. The other actors and directors who work in the industry, expressed their own views on the film, check them out here.

Since I understand both English and Russian, I can say there’s a very different approach. The Western fans seem to anxiously be expecting the film as it will be coming out in theaters in August.

A little while ago they were enraged because of “Expendables 2” getting PG-13 rating, however according to some latest reports, the film will eventually be rated R. This brought down the anger wave a little bit.

Now back to the Russian-dubbed teaser of “Expendables 2” – the Russians also seem to be expecting the film, however most of them write (as I saw on Youtube) comments that lack simple respect towards some of the stars that appear in the film.

Some of them that I can recall were “omg, I didn’t know Van Damme was still alive”, “old farts trying to look like action heroes”, and numerous Chuck Norris-related jokes.

A few more were spotted by me regarding Stallone and Schwarzenegger. Russians seem to like Bruce Willis more, as they didn’t bash him at all, probably due to the fact that he’s making another “Die Hard” film, this time about character John McClane battling Russian Mafia, called “A Good Day to Die Hard”.

The IMDB does not list Russia as one of the filming locations for the picture (Serbia and Hungaria are listed). Anyway, I believe that is one of the reasons.

As for the mocking of the great action stars of our era – that’s something any true cinema fan wouldn’t like. As far as I am concerned, neither Van Damme nor Chuck Norris deserve such “attention”.

The soon-to-be released film might not become the best action film of all time, but it will be something special, that much I already know.

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