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Director Albert Pyun: Digital revolution actually crushing some film markets

albert-pyunCult director Albert Pyun, the man behind such films as “Cyborg”, “Nemesis”, “Bloodmatch”, “Mean Guns” and others has recently expressed an opinion that digital revolution has, in a way, affected some film markets.

“Reading a number of articles about the the state of the indy film business has made me realize while the digital revolution has made filmmaking available to nearly everyone, its also hurt the business models,” Pyun said on his Facebook page.

He added that the digital revolution allowed so much product to be available that prices for films has plummeted and its actually crushing some markets.

Pyun noted though that “none of this is bad in the long term”, because according to him, the business will adjust, while in the near term its impacting the mid range films ability to recoup costs.

“Actors and crew rates have dropped off the table and that’s why you’re seeing so much contraction in the market place. Many companies have gone under,” he wrote.

“It’s a brave new world for filmmakers. The young ones coming up will invent a entirely new model,” Pyun said.

Speaking further, Pyun said he was glad he is “at the end of his career”, adding that he looks forward to “teaching and holding seminars” to pass along what he himself has learned.

Pyun has been busy recently working on his latest cyborg film, titled “Cyborg Nemesis”, and for some it really is sad if he retires, as some of the movies he has made forever will be remembered by the b-movie fans.

by Brick Bardo

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