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Director of “Cyborg”, “Kickboxer 2” surprised by messages from Van Damme, Dennis Chan

vandamme-dennis-chanCult director Albert Pyun whose health problems have increased during past several months, has received a surprise message from people he worked with long time ago.

“I received two video well wishes which certainly brightened my new year and both made me feel much better,” Pyun said on his Facebook page.

The two people that surprised Pyun were Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Chan.

Pyun directed Van Damme in “Cyborg” back in 1989, and with Chan he worked on “Kickboxer 2- the Road Back” (1991).

Below are the two video messages that Van Damme and Chan sent to Pyun in February, 2014:


Pyun shared both videos on his page, and expressed his gratitude to the people he worked with.

“Its in the kindness of others that I treasure most. So thank you Dennis and Jean-Claude for your well wishes and thoughts,” Pyun noted.

Indeed that was a great gesture from both Van Damme and Chan.

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