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Dolph Lundgren shares Christmas plans, talks new projects

dolph-lundgren-with-fansHollywood action star Dolph Lundgren shared a message with his fans yesterday, about the upcoming new year, and his new projects as well.

“Getting ready for the holidays. Heading back to Stockholm and Marbella for Christmas and New Year’s to hang with my family,” Lundgren wrote on his Facebook page.

The star of “Expendables” and “Universal Soldier” then spoke briefly about his upcoming films.

“Just finished shooting the feature Rush here in LA, where I do a small role as a DEA detective. In February I do another smaller role in BLOOD OF REDEMPTION then in March I have an indie-movie I’d like to produce,” Lundgren said.

He added that in April he starts shooting “Rescue 3”, a TV action-series about a unified command of firefighters, lifeguards and coast guards saving people off the coast of California.

“A cool, new situation for me playing an on-going character – a regular guy under extraordinary circumstances,” he said.

In November it has been reported that Lundgren won the 2012 Eliason Merit Award, and collected it at a ceremony on November 30 in Los Angeles.

The star of “Expendables” expressed his gratitude towards such honor on his Facebook page.

“Many talented Swedish actors and filmmakers have created success stories in Hollywood, from Greta Garbo to “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. It’s truly an honor to be acknowledged as an ambassador for Sweden to Hollywood,” Lundgren said.

“I look forward to further strengthening the connections between the film industry in our two beautiful countries,” he said back then.

The Eliason Merit Award is presented annually, to people who have contributed significantly toward strengthening relations between the United States and Sweden in the areas of commerce, culture, science and the arts.

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