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Dolph Lundgren to face his biggest challenge yet…

Dolph Lundgren has apparently gone insane, and I love it! Yesterday I stumbled upon some very interesting news on TwitchFilm, where it says the Big Swede signed on to star in “Battle Of The Damned”, which is basically a story of war between robots and zombies.

I don’t know about you, but this is something I notice for the first time – robots against the undead. And, Dolph Lundgren will be in this mix as well, fighting for the robots.

According to the article, first news about this project surfaced in October, and things have been relatively quiet since as the project proceeds through development.

The project seems to be going forward, as now as brief synopsis is available, check it out below. It seems to me, this will be some sort of a post-apocalyptic action film.

On the outskirts of civilization, a remote test facility lays ruin following a catastrophic security breach. All that remains is a handful of survivors, their small armory of weapons, and a fleet of the infected. The breach lead to a viral outbreak that left hundreds dead or mutated. Now the infected walk the land, stalking the few that stayed alive.

Led by private military operative Max Gatling (Lundgren), our heroes have learned to fight against the infected, in hopes that rescue will soon come from the outside world. What they weren’t expecting, though, was the emergence of another deadly threat.

The breach also gave way to the escape of a band of malfunctioning prototype robots. Armed and incredibly dangerous, the robots could either be an indomitable force… or an unexpected ally in their battle against the infected masses.

This just might be Lundgren’s toughest challenge yet. He has battled ninjas before, as well as russian mafia, american mafia, yakuza, all sorts of thugs…heck, he even agreed to fight a CGI creature in a Uwe Boll film! And, after nearly killing Jet Li in “Expendables”, now Lundgren is about to face off with zombies and robots.

Personal thoughts about this project: Actually, I am looking forward to this, as I am pretty much tired seeing Lundgren confront the same kind of villains over and over again (in his low-budget movies, excluding Expendables and Universal Soldier franchises), and since his “creature battle” in an Uwe Boll film sucked big time, I hope “Battle Of The Damned” will be a little better.

I don’t expect any martial arts in the film, and I believe the film will be very mediocre.

But, at least its something fresh, as far as Lundgren’s career is concerned. I do not (not yet at least) consider this choice of his, as a letdown. Might actually be enjoyable.

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