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“Eurovision-2011” winner turns to films, gets the main part

Winner of the “Eurovision-2011” song contest, Eldar Gasymov turned into an actor.

Yes, that’s right, young singer will appear on screen in the movie “Don’t Be afraid, I am with you, part two”.  Reportedly, Gasymov got one of the leading parts in the picture.

However, he encountered some difficulties already. According to the script, Eldar’s character will have to play tar (azeri national instrument) and also ride a horse.

The film crew was pleasantly surprised with Eldar’s will to learn all of the above to give his best performance. Reportedly, the crew also believes, that Eldar will be able to perform it all on screen by the end of August.

Well, its a common thing that musicians sometimes try themselves out for the movies. Seems like Eldar decided to try out as well. Justin Bieber did it, hell, Gasymov can do it too. For those of you who are not aware: Azerbaijan won the “Eurovision-2011” song contest (thanks to the duo of Eldar Gasymov and Nigar Jamal), and will be hosting the next contest in 2012 in Azerbaijani capital of Baku.

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