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“EX 2” – Van Damme showing off his trailer, Terry Crews cave shoot, and new Bulgaria set pictures

Here’s another update on the “Expendables 2”, and this update is mostly about pictures taken from the shoot in Bulgaria.

As far as I know, the shooting in Bulgaria has already wrapped up, and the “EX2” will continue later in China. At least, that’s what Dolph Lundgren said not so long ago:

“Wrapped the Bulgaria shoot for “The Expendables 2″ after two long grueling months, filming will resume in China around mid-January…”

Another news is that the tennis star Novak Djokovic is to play himself in the film (I still cannot figure out why they had to go with this idea, but what do I know…), and Nikolette Noel will play Timmons’ wife (Timmons is played by Liam Hemsworth).

As for the pictures, check them out below, as there are pictures of Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Couture and Crews on set, plus some pics from Jean-Claude Van Damme proudly standing near his “Vilain” trailer, and some others.

Below is a funny picture that Scott Adkins (who plays one of the villains in the film, along with Van Damme) shared on his Twitter account. That’s Scott on the left (with his double, I assume), and check out that guy in the background! That’s how you ruin a good picture:)

Terry Crews seems to continue having as much fun as he can on the shoot, as he releases another short video of himself. The video was supposedly taken in a cave (Bulgaria), where some of the shooting took place.

Terry Crews is officially the “most active expendable that releases videos of himself online”! Take a look at the short footage below.


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