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EX2: First official “Expendables 2” poster!

Sometimes, its great to be going to bed late. Just accidentally I discovered that Joblo posted an exclusive “Expendables 2” poster, with Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Statham, Lundgren, Crews, Van Damme, and Chuck Norris on the cover! By the looks of it, seems like its the real thing (at least for now). Take a look below for the poster.

Just for the sake of expressing my thoughts, I’d write down how, in my opinion, the fellas on the poster look.

Sylvester Stallone – trying too hard, looks like a cartoon character.
Arnold Schwarzenegger – looking cool, a killer look!
Jason Statham – looking determined, as usual.
Bruce Willis looks like John McClane.
Dolph Lundgren – looks a little nuts, as he supposed to.
Terry Crews – he’s allowed to make that kind of face, having a gun like that.
Van Damme looks like he just fell from Moon, and that strange fur coat…
Chuck Norris looks like…Chuck Norris.
The girl – Do they know that Jet Li is a MALE and he’s in the movie as well?

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