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“Expendables 2” character breakdowns and Schwarzenegger shaping up for the role

I envy Bulgarian people, and Bulgaria as a whole. This must be one hot place right now. And why not, reportedly action blockbuster “Expendables” is being shot there, and just imagine how many stars at one moment will be at the scene: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris… I mean, this is really cool.

Now, yesterday I stumbled upon some interesting spoilers regarding “The Expendables 2”, and I’ve decided to share them here.

Its all rumors for now, no official words have been said, but its better than nothing. The following film character breakdowns were posted on IMDB, by some guy who claims he’s associated with the script development on “Expendables 2”. So, take these as spoilers.



Confirmed cast members:

Sylvester Stallone (as Barney Ross) – leader of the Expendables. After a CIA job goes wrong, Ross starts a personal war against a villain and his group of murderous mercenaries. Another thing is, that he has to rescue Fiona, Tool’s (Mickey Rourke) daughter.

Jason Statham (as Lee Christmas) – As Ross’s closest friend, Christmas supports Ross in his vendetta. Ross also sees him as his successor for his eventual retirement/death (this we might see in the next film, who knows?)

Jet Li (as Ying Yang) – a martial arts expert, member of the Expendables. After quitting the Expendables after the events of the first movie, Ross and his team travel to China to find Yang, and recruit him back into the team.

Mickey Rourke (as Tool) – former Expendables member, a mentor. In this movie, Tool will reportedly join the team once again, for one mission in Gazak (?), where he will be killed. Later on, his death will be avenged.

Randy Couture (as Toll Road) – a demolition expert for the Expendables. With a newfound faith following his survival of the first film, he follows Ross and Christmas to avenge Tool, yet still hindered by his rigorous superstitions.

Terry Crews (as Hale Caesar) – weapons expert for the Expendables. Another loyal member of the team, he is seriously wounded when kidnapping Church. Yet he stays with the group for their final stand.

Dolph Lundgren (as Gunnar Jensen) – rehabilitated strong-arm of the Expendables (bad-ass, cool, and unstable. yay!). Despite saving Lee and Ross in Gazak, Jensen is often seen as the least trustworthy of the team, and this mental weak link is the one that Church sees to exploit.

Bruce Willis (as agent Church) – a corrupt CIA Agent. Church is seen as the one responsible for Tool’s death, he is forced to be the brains of their revenge operation whilst manipulating the Expendables against one another once Tool’s daughter is kidnapped.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Trent Mauser) – former rival of Barney Ross. Mauser joins the team of Expendables, to help them kidnap Church, and avenge the death of their mutual friend, Tool. However, he way have an underlying motive to his newfound friendship with the Expendables.

According to Cover Media article posted on 2nd of October, Schwarzenegger is on a strict diet and exercise plan to ensure he’s ready for “The Expendables 2”. Arnold had a small part in the original movie and has signed on to appear in the sequel. He’ll play a character called Trench again, although the details of the role haven’t been revealed. It seems that Schwarzenegger may have a larger part this time round as he’s been spotted frantically training ahead of shooting.

“He was seen in the main street of Brentwood, Los Angeles, dressed in high tech compression latex togs… literally running faster than the traffic, arms and legs pumping furiously as a trainer holding a stopwatch timed him pumping up for his new Expendables 2 flick. The man was running like a machine, or cyborg!” a source told National Enquirer.

Schwarzenegger and his trainer have been power running down that long boulevard near his home, and they really do run faster than the cars. Arnold looks amazing – in better shape than men less than half his age!” another insider explained.

Jean-Claude Van Damme as…the Main Villain, a gun for hire. Reportedly, Van Damme plays a former Expendables, who was kicked out of the team by Ross, after he kills his teammate. Thus, Van Damme’s character decides to kill Tool, as an act of revenge. When he takes on a job of suppressing the Gazak revolution, he finds himself at odds with both The Expendables. and Tool’s bloodthirsty daughter.

Chuck Norris (as Richter Argo) – a former expendable, who meets Ross at Tool’s funeral. He inspires Ross to get revenge, yet he cannot join in because he has to stay and watch over Fiona.

Scott Adkins portrays villain’s 2nd-in-command. Dishonorably discharged from British SAS, he finds pride in fighting the Expendables, especially seeking the death of Lee Christmas for reputation’s sake.

Liam Hemsworth (as Easton) – an Iragi war veteran, a sniper, who goes on his first mission to Gazak, as part of the expendables. However, in the resulting vendetta, his inexperience puts the team at risk.

So far so good, huh? There are some sad news as well. Reportedly, Stone Cold Steve Austin will not be appearing in the film as Dan Paine’s twin brother (although Stallone wanted it to happen), but this might happen in the third installment of the expendables series. Now, that’s not all. Listed above are the confirmed cast members, now what we’ve also got here are the “pursued cast members”, meaning that these people might still join the cast, which would be even more explosive. Take a look at the names below.

Pursued cast members:

Michael Biehn (as Agent Corazzo), a CIA Agent in charge of retrieving Church. Following the kidnapping of Church and the CIA “package”, Corazzo is assigned to tracking down the Expendables and retrieving their property.

Michael Pare (as Kennedy), an Arms Dealer and former Expendable. A former expendable who is now a wheelchair bound, he supplies the Expendables with top grade weapons and gear for their CIA missions and Fiona’s rescue.

John Travolta (as President Dogot), dictator of Gazak. A dictator who sees his 30-year reign coming to an end, Dogot turns to Van Damme, to suppress a people’s revolution at any cost.

Nicolas Cage (as Buffer), as Gazak contact and leader of Gazak’s Uprising. Chain-Smoking and Expletive-Heavy, he assists the Expendables with their revenge mission in Gazak as it will help them gain momentum to overturn Dogot’s rule.

Donnie Yen (as Sin Ho-Sik), plays a martial arts expert for the villain. Silent but deadly, he’s one of the top fighters in the world and works as a spy to follow the Expendables after the CIA job.

Christopher Lambert (as Needles), plays villain’s torture expert. Creepy and relentless, it’s a small role relegated to torturing Fiona and using Stockholm Syndrome to seduce her.

Lorenzo Lamas (as Polo), a former expendable, now living in Burma. A suicidal former Expendable, he aids Ross’s dangerous entrance into China. He is killed by Ho-Sik as he awaits for the group’s return.

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) – (as Stone Miller) – a possible new blood for the expendables team. This role obviously meant to set up for a third film. Miller is introduced to Ross by Argo at the end of the film, as possible “new blood” for the team. He asks Ross when he can start and Ross states after his vacation.


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  1. Sounds good enough for me… YEAH!

  2. I am guessing that you are confusing Dwayne Johnson with Vin Diesel, cause Vin Diesel isn’t (The Rock). I am wondering why no one wants Dwayne Johnson in the movie, i would love to see Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson rumble one more time on screen. It would be a killer moment then.

  3. Yes, my bad, its been corrected. Typing too fast does that to you. As for Johnson being in the film, I see 3 reasons why he isnt: 1)too expensive, 2)busy schedule, can’t agree on shooting time, 3) too much of star power already. Johnson really needs a couple of good hard-hitting action movies right now, he already wasted a couple of years on these useless child comedies.

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