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“Expendables 2”: China shooting, photo gallery update, Chuck Norris video interview

The shooting of Expendables 2 continues, as we’ll be adding more updates on the filming the highly anticipated action sequel. Special thanks goes out to two Expendables 2 blogs that regularly post updates on the film: Expendables 2 Premiere and EX 2 blog.

First of all, it seems like Charisma Carpenter (who played Jason Statham’s girlfriend in the first film) will return to do the sequel, as she’s been spotted on the plane with Sylvester Stallone.

Carpenter also shared the good news on her Twitter: “I HATED keeping this from all my faithful Fans but.. I was told to. …..Its true; I will be in Expendables 2!!!!!!!”

Approximately a week ago, Expendables 2 crew was shooting in New Orleans for a short period, that’s probably where Charisma Carpenter was doing her scenes, and the next scheduled stop was to be China.

In China, however, according to reports from local Chinese media, the Expendables crew couldn’t get a proper shooting permit, so the crew settled for shooting only in Hong Kong.

Filming in Hong Kong has already began, reportedly, the crew has been working there for 2 days or so already. Sylvester Stallone and Jet Li will apparently be shooting for a limited time there, 4 days or so. Terry Crews has also been reported arriving in Hong Kong (yes, by himself again, via his Twitter). Director of the film Simon West has also been spotted arriving at the set by the Chinese paparazzi.

Below is the photo gallery update, wit pictures of Charisma Carpenter, some studio shots in Hong Kong, Jet Li, Randy Couture (reportedly during the New Orleans shoot), and Sylvester Stallone on set. Check it out.

And the last but not least…Chuck Norris gave an interview to polish television channel (I think), where he talks about “Expendables”. Norris was in Poland, along with his wife Gena Norris, where Chuck was filming his new commercial for one of Polish banks and he took a break to give an interview for Dzien Dobry TVN (“Good Morning TVN”).

Surprisingly, Norris reveals that “Expendables 2” will probably be PG-13 rated, thanks to him.

“”I just finished Expendables 2 with Stallone. That was a fun movie to do because I keep saving all their lives through the whole movie! So I’m like the super hero against Schwarzenegger and Stallone, Jet Li, Bruce Willis,” Norris noted.

“In Expendables 2, they had a lot of hard language in there that prevent young people from going to see it, and I said I don’t do movies like that,” Norris said.

“I might did them in the past, (but) I didn’t do it in those TV series (Walker, Texas Ranger?). I said if you can’t take out all the language, hardcore language, you know… I can’t do it. So they did, and they made it a PG-13 film so kids can go see it,” he added.

So, if Norris wasn’t joking (does he ever joke), we’re not going to have any harsh language in the Expendables sequel. First, I got disappointed with Chuck’s comments, since we were supposed to have this really bad-ass action movie, but then, I thought of why the producers of the film actually agreed to Norris’ terms.

After all, they have to get more people to the cinemas, and the PG-13 rating can attract a lot more viewers, instead of, say, R-rating. I am sure Norris had another thing in mind when he said that (such as being a good Christian, and all that), while the producers simply wish to cash in as much as possible on the highly awaited blockbuster. And, of course, they simply couldn’t afford to lose Chuck Norris himself. So, I suppose we can deal with that.

Below is a video of Norris doing the interview live in the studio, along with his wife Gena. The interview is dubbed into Polish, I just thought to post it so people would see how Chuck Norris looks today:)

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