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“Expendables 2”: Hemsworth arrives, Norris leaves, Van Damme posts new pictures – photos

Okay, here comes new portion of updates from “Expendables 2”, and this portion is quite tasty. Let’s get to the details.

Next, Chuck Norris finished shooting his “Expendables 2” scenes, and is back home already. He said it himself, on his Facebook page:

“I am back home from Bulgaria & have a lot of things to share with you once I get caught up from the trip. In the mean time, I pray you have a great weekend.”

It has also been reported by Bulgarian news media, that Liam Hemsworth has arrived in Bulgaria to shoot his scenes in the film. So far, very little is known about his character, and what we do know thus far is that his character is a sniper.

Again, according to Bulgarian news, Vin Diesel will not be in the “Expendables 2”. Supposedly there is still a role, that needs an actor to be fit into, but so far nothing has come up.

And, below are some new pictures taken on the set of “Expendables 2”, while the whole crew was there, plus remember that birthday party, that Van Damme, Lundgren, Terry Crews, Schwarzenegger an Jason Statham attended? Well, Van Damme was kind enough to share more pictures from that night on his fan page. Check out these pics below as well:

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