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“Expendables 2” – it’s all about the names…

This is exactly what happens, when you stay out of the news for a couple of days. I am talking about “Expendables 2”, a new movie that seemingly every action fan is expecting to see. Its not surprising, as there are more and more stars being added to the cast. Some are true, some are not. Let’s dig in a little deeper.

1. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger return, and will reportedly have much bigger roles. This is great. I had little doubts about Bruce Willis’ return, but wasn’t sure about Schwarzenegger. It’s nice to see him getting back into acting, after playing political games.

2. Nicholas Cage and John Travolta are in talks. Donnie Yen also might be joining the cast. Yeah, maybe they are, but do they really need to be in this movie? This cast will soon look like an overloaded plane that can’t lift up. In my opinion, Cage and Travolta don’t have to be in this. Well, maybe Travolta can, if he can portray a villain, he’s good at that. As for Cage, nope. Donnie Yen is another story, if he decides to join the cast, I doubt he will get much of screen time, but he surely will get at least one decent fight scene. He should.

3. Van Damme to fight Stallone. Scott Adkins joins the cast as well. Now, this is better. Reportedly, Van Damme will team up with Scott Adkins again (after “Assassination Games”), and this time, they will both portray villains. As for the above mentioned fight between two action legends, this is what Stallone said about it: “We’ll have a big showdown with me and Van Damme, which has been anticipated for a long time, so it should be a good one”. Hell yes it will be! Van Damme seems to be in great shape for the upcoming film. I found some pics of him (see below), seems like they’re new, and it would be cool to see Van Damme like that in “Expendables”.

4. Liam Hemsworth joins the cast. Ok, I don’t know who the guy is, but Aussie actor probably does have his fans, who are excited about him being in this movie. According to some rumors, Hemsworth will play a sniper in the film. I don’t know, maybe “expendables” need to throw someone around, so they got this young blood. Will see, when the movie comes out.

5. What would a 1970s-era “Expendables” look like? No, seriously. 70’s had enough of tough guys and manly men who could easily become expendables, if a similar movie was to be shot back then. Go here to see the assembled cast for the 70’s expendables. I do not agree with it completely, would still add William Smith, and George Eastman (Luigi Montefiori) in there.

6. Chuck Norris joins the cast of “Expendables 2”. Ok, we all know that Chuck Norris cannot be expendable. I guess, seeing these many stars in one project, Norris decided to make an exception. Good for us.


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