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“Expendables 2”: Stallone is being sued, Willis and Schwarzenegger might return to Bulgaria

This is unexpected. Reportedly, Sylvester Stallone just got another problem to handle: he’s being sued by writer Marcus Webb, who claims that Stallone “copied” his script, which dealt with mercenaries hired to overthrow a military dictator (Dogs of War, anyone?).

According to Reuters: The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday by writer Marcus Webb, who said the screenplay for “The Expendables” is “strikingly similar and in some places identical” to his work entitled “The Cordoba Caper.”

Writer Marcus Webb seeks unspecified damages for copyright infringement and an order from the court stopping further infringement in any sequel by Stallone, his credited co-author David Callaham, Millennium Films, its “Nu Image Films” unit and “Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation”.

By far, Sly Stallone’s publicist Michelle Bega declined to comment. Now, according to the lawsuit – Webb registered “The Cordoba Caper” screenplay and a short story with the same title and plot with the U.S. Copyright Office in June of 2006. Between 2006 and 2009, the script was made widely available by Webb for consideration in the movie industry.

I somehow highly doubt that Stallone and David Callaham would go for copying another script, knowing that “Expendables” being quite a big project, and that such lawsuit case might come up in the future.

After all, these guys didn’t enter the movie business couple of days ago. So, to me, it seems like just another case of someone trying to cash in on Stallone’s name, and Expendables as well.

Jean-Claude Van Damme posted an update on his fan page, about his character in the “Expendables 2” movie. Here’s what he said: “I have met with Mr. Stallone, who has asked the designers to make a great outfit for me in the Expendables 2. As he is a smart director, he has a very good vision about my lead villain character in the movie! He also asked me to train harder and become in the best shape I can be. Well, let’s do it…

Hell yes, let’s do it!

And one more news: if a Bulgarian news resource can be trusted, then it seems like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to Bulgaria sometime in November, to shoot some more scenes for “Expendables 2”.

I don’t know about Willis, but Schwarzenegger is now filming “The Last Stand”, so would he just take a few days off, and rush to Bulgaria to shoot some more scenes, and then get back to “The Last Stand”? If it’s true, then the “Austrian oak” does have one busy schedule to follow. We’ll wait and see.

And below is just a picture I found online, of Stallone and Schwarzenegger having a “romantic” dinner. Enjoy.

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