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“Expendables 2”: the bats problem, funny Van Damme pics and Scott Adkins ready to fight

Above is Scott Adkins during the filming of “Expendables 2”. Looking good! In fact, this  particular “Expendables 2” update put a smile on my face. Jean-Claude Van Damme put up some very weird pics of himself on his Facebook page, and to me, they seemed funny. Take a look below.

I believe these pics are not recent, since Van Damme looks younger on them, than he does on his other “Expendables 2” pictures. Who knows, maybe he’s just filling his facebook photo album.

Anyway, and below are the pictures from the shooting scenes, and, along with Van Damme, there’s Stallone, Jason Statham and Terry Crews.


Now, another interesting update on the “Expendables 2” comes from Bulgarian media. According to the news, the crew was filming some scenes in Bulgaria’s Devetashka cave, and there are lots of bats there.

The thing is, these bats are preparing for their winter sleep, and any disturbance may have fatal consequences, environmentalists have explained. Reportedly, there are about 13 endangered bat species there in the cave.

Now, the regional environmental inspectorate of Pleven (Northern Bulgarian town ) has approved of the building of sets and the subsequent shooting in the cave.

However, the Bulgarian bTV private channel has claimed that parts of the cave’s terrain would be impossible to recover after the shooting and that heavy machinery has been stationed near the cave’s entrance.

I wonder if Stallone, along with Simon West started having headaches with all these problems that come along with the shooting.

Let’s hope no bats will get hurt or even worse die, as a result of “Expendables 2” shooting. That is, of course, if the crew doesn’t decide to move the shooting to another location.

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  1. scott adkins is ready to fight, it’s very nice vs van damme. I am 16, and one day I’ll be acting alongside them in 2 years.

  2. Well, good for you buddy! 🙂

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