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“Expendables 2” updates: Cage, Travolta, Banderas…and Dolph Lundgren with a message

Okay, here come more updates regarding the “Expendables 2”. As of now, the stars have taken a break from the shooting, and all seem to be doing their things.

Van Damme for example is in Egypt, and he also gave an interview here.

I won’t be posting a video here, since Van Damme’s english is voiced by a translator, so it’s hard to understand what’s going on.

However, thanks to Expendables website, we can get a rough breakdown of what Van Damme was saying.
*Van Damme is a big fan of the original Expendables movie.

*According to him, shooting will take place in Bulgaria, China and France.

*The character played by Van Damme – “Jean Vilain” is very “evil’ and real”, who’s going to be chased by the expendables.

*Jean-Claude says he gets along great with everyone on set, and is very enthusiastic to be part of “Expendables 2”.

*He’s happy to be on set with such big stars, and admits, that among other elder stars, he feels like a newcomer he was, 25 years ago.

*Van Damme pointed out, that “Expendables 2” is very important to him career wise, because this is his guaranteed theatrical release (after, reportedly, almost 11 years), and he’s happy to be a part of such big project.

*Van Damme pointed out that he would beat anyone among the cast, including Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Chuck Norris. He also added that he’s unbelievably happy that Steven Seagal is not part of the project. OK, NO NE DIDN’T SAY  THE LAST LINE. IT WAS A JOKE 🙂

Next, we got some updates on the cast. Reportedly, Antonio Banderas was asked about Expendables, during his press-conference (for his upcoming Puss in Boots animated film), and  it turns out Banderas seems to be interested in teaming up with Stallone again. Here’s what he said:

“They asked me to do it, I don’t think at this point I will have the time. I am very disappointed that it didn’t work out. But you never know I will have to talk to Sly.”

Banderas is awesome. I’d like to see him as a bad guy in Expendables sequel. He was so good in “Assassins” with Stallone, that I believe he could have been even better here. Anyway, we will wait and see, whether the deal works out or not.

Now, we got some news on Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. Reportedly, these two Hollywood stars won’t be joining the cast of “Expendables 2”, according to this source. As for the reasons, reportedly the deal couldn’t be reached with Cage, and Travolta just wasn’t interested in doing the project.

This, of course, is not official, but I don’t know how about the rest of you – even if Cage and Travolta are not in the movie, I am not going to cry about it. This film already got enough of stars to make this movie 1)good, 2)entertaining, 3)memorable.

And the last update is from Dolph Lundgren, who also took a day off from shooting “Expendables 2”, and is now in Tokyo. Dolph posted this message on his fan page:

“Greetings from Tokyo (on a break from filming THE EXPENDABLES 2)!
Don’t forget to watch the karate demonstration on Sunday at 4.40PM Japan Time on the Shinkyokushinkai YouTube channel!”

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