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“Expendables 2” updates pack: new set pics + video from Van Damme

There were some updates on the “Expendables 2” released in the past couple of days, however since they were not major, I decide to wait up a little. Now is the time to make a nice update.

First, seems like a new actress has been added to the cast, her name is Amanda Ooms, she’s a Swedish actress and a producer. Her IMDB page does not list “Expendables 2”, but some online sources claim she will play the sniper by the name of Pilar.

Next, we got some pics shot on “Expendables 2” set, featuring Terry Crews (lookin good!) and Randy Couture. See them below.

Also, another picture has been revealed by, which is of course nothing to be super excited about, since this seems to be just a promo poster, which might change in the future. A you can see below, the poster features Liam Hemsworth on the cover, instead of Scott Adkins, which in my opinion, is not really fair.

And, one last update comes with video. from Jean-Claude Van Damme himself, who tries to keep his fans updated on how things are going.

I noticed that he, Lundgren and Crews are those who update their fans most of the time (understandably, Stallone and Schwarzenegger don’t have enough of free time).

Anyway, below is a “training montage” video footage of Van Damme preparing for “Expendables 2”, that was provided to us by By Waleed Al-Telbany. Take a look below.


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