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“Expendables 2” updates: Schwarzenegger & Willis are out, Van Damme adopts dogs, and Norris shoots the bad weather… – photos

Okay, here comes another portion of updates from the most awaited action movie – “Expendables 2”.

Update 1 Chuck Norris shared a short message with his online friends, about his staying in Bulgaria, and the shooting of “Expendables 2”.

Here’s what Norris said: “Hello everyone. We have been in Sofia Bulgaria the past week to work on the Expendables 2 movie. The filming is going well. It’s snowing today, which can bring on some challenges. As time allows, we will post more. God bless, Chuck & Gena.”

Sounds great. Norris even posted 2 pictures he shot himself (probably from the hotel window) of Bulgaria. Pictures are not of great quality, Norris probably was just fooling around.

Update 2 Jean-Claude Van Damme, who plays a villain in “Expendables 2” also posted an update on his Facebook page: “The showdown between me and Sylvester Stallone in the Expendables 2 is going to be memorable! Stallone looks so great and is in an amazing shape, by the way. — JC”.

I noticed, that Van Damme loves to post these kind of teaser messages to keep his fans excited. Good strategy. The VanDamme Fans forum also posted a message, that actor adopted 2 dogs in Bulgaria, and they are currently living with him.

Update 3Dolph Lundgren also posted a picture of him as Gunnar Jensen on the set of “Expendables 2”. Also here is a picture that Scott Adkins posted, during his scenes in Expendables 2.

Personally, I am disappointed with Scott’s look in this – its so similar to the look he had in “Danny the Dog”, where he battled Jet Li. Ah, what do I know, Adkins is one hell of a fighter, so doesn’t really matter how he looks like. Go, Scott!

Update 4 – According to a bulgarian news site, Arnold Schwarzenegger has already completed his scenes in “Expendables 2”, and now is on his way (probably already there) to New Mexico, to begin working on his starring role in action thriller “The Last Stand”.

Before leaving, Schwarzenegger praised Bulgaria, and the Nu Boyana Studios for their professionalism and work ethic. Legendary action star added that the Bulgarian team has been one of the most professional and talented ones he worked with in his entire film career. Pretty strong words.

Update 5Bruce Willis has also completed all his scenes in Sofia (Bulgaria), and left the country. Reportedly, a car brought Willis to the VIP section of the Sofia Airport, and action superstar departed shortly after. He did not talk to the media, but did answer the question, whethe he liked staying in Bulgaria: “It was very nice, I liked Sofia.”

Update 6 – Another, seemingly unreliable sources StarzLife claims that Vin Diesel is set to appear in “Expendables 2”. No further details were provided however. If its true, will Diesel portray this mysterious character Timmons? Time will tell.

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  1. Adkins in Danny the Dog???

  2. Yes, Scott Adkins does have a very small role in “Danny the Dog”, as one of the “pool fighters”, that Danny (Jet Li) fights with.

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