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“Expendables 2” wraps, possibly gone into post-production… more stars for Expendables 3?

Reportedly, the filming in Hong Kong has wrapped up for “Expendables 2”.

Not all expendables team members were reported to film in Hong Kong – Terry Crews was there, Lundgren was there, Jet Li was there.

Some say Stallone was there as well, however it is uncertain whether he was also filming or not.

Nothing was reported on Randy Couture (who did not fly to Hong Kong) and Jason Statham.

During the four day shoot, which mainly focused on Jet Li, most time took to shoot Li’s fight scenes, some of which were already shot in Bulgaria, with Li’s stunt double.

Other places where the action might take place were earlier mentioned, Paris and Moscow, however they might have been already “filmed” in Bulgaria.

It’s almost obvious, that Jet Li will not have nearly as much screen time as he did in the first Expendables movie, which is sad for me personally, since I felt his character could have been expanded. In any way, its good to have him back in the sequel.

Now, since the shooting of Expendables 2 will probably go next into post-production stage, all we have to do is wait. Of course, we’ll keep an eye on the possible updates. And below are some more “Expendable thoughts”…

1. Will there be any “Chuck Norris jokes” in the sequel? The first Expendables film had some cool lines, and they could have used some of “the jokes” about Norris in the film. Will see.

2. If there’s ever Expendables 3, I would love to see Dwayne “Rock” Johnson in there, along with Hulk Hogan, and for completely different reasons. I personally feel that Johnson could become someone who could lead the Expendables, as he’s got what it takes to be an action hero. His part, if picked right, could expand to Expendables 4 as well. As for Hogan, he could agree (if offered) to play a character close to Mickey Rourke’s Tool character. However, I’d like to see Hogan go “heel”, and play a villain, which could have a fight scene with Johnson. I am sure lots of people wouldn’t mind seeing that, I know I wouldn’t!

3. Let’s imagine “Expendables” turned into a TV-series… Would it have any luck of becoming successful? I am thinking something close to “Soldiers of Fortune” series with Brad Johnson and Tim Abell. I doubt that any of the high-caliber stars that appear in “Expendables 2” will go for it, yet it sounds good. I haven’t seen any “action series” for a long time.

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