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Facebook as a primary film distribution channel…if it works, why not?

We already wrote about how social media can help you market your film, and even distribute it. Now, we got a movie here, titled “The Perfect House”, that used Facebook exclusively as film’s distribution channel.

Independent directors Kris Hulbert and Randy Kent marketed their full horror movie through Facebook. In fact, its called made-for-Facebook movie. Could this type of distribution become a new trend for independent filmmakers?

Usually, you would have to scramble, to get your work seen by a wider mass market audience. Seems like, if used correctly, the Facebook film marketing strategy could be a very good alternative.

Hulbert wrote the movie about newlyweds touring a supposed dream home that has a bloody, violent past. According to the movie site IMDB, the movie was made with a budget of about $155,000. Technically, the film has already made a screen debut, but in the grassroots way that is more typical of indie films that don’t have big budgets or major theatrical distribution deals.

The director admitted, that they made that move intentionally, so that “people would know where to find us on Facebook”. He also added that, they “want to release all of their films this way”.

Hulbert and his team just returned from a tour – they loaded a movie projector into a 1973-vintage recreational vehicle, then drove across the country to show the movie a few times at film festivals, universities and restaurants.

He admitted, that the company didn’t chose Facebook just because it couldn’t land a distributor – using the social network is in fact, a long-term business plan.

“This is actually our first and primary choice,” he said. “If we can execute on responsible film making, then we can control our own destiny.”

The company already has plans for two “Perfect House” sequels and has plotted out other projects for the next decade.

I am, personally, not sure whether such important aspect as film distribution should rely heavily on Facebook alone (alone?), but I suppose, as long as it’s working, its worth using.

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